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"Through the Eyes of a Warrior"

By: Peter D. Ellis; Anishanabe

White Earth Reservation, MN


Through the eyes of a warrior, I saw my Father create the Heavens and the Earth.

Through the eyes of a warrior, I saw the first man and woman living in Paradise.

I saw one of them talking to a snake.

I saw them eat the forbidden fruit.

I saw them have children and multiply,

I saw them cover the Earth.

I saw the color of their skin change,

I saw their language change.

I watched as they went to war against each other, forgetting they were related.

I saw when a great flood came and washed them all away.

I saw them come back, only to pick up where they left off.

Through the eyes of a warrior, I saw my Brother Moses go on top of the mountain to speak to my Father.

Through the eyes of a warrior, I saw the fall of the Roman Empire only to rise again as the Roman Catholic Church, taking people in bondage again.

I spoke with my Brother Moses, he told me he would return to ask the Roman Catholic Church to let His people go, again.

Through the eyes of a warrior, I watched as they crucified my Brother, and used His good words and image to take control of people.

I watched as they destroyed culture after culture.

Through the eyes of a warrior, I saw my Brothers and Sisters living in harmony with the Earth.

Through the eyes of a warrior, I watched the light skinned people as they set foot on Turtle Island.

I saw my Brothers and Sisters welcome them and feed them.

I watched them as they learned to survive.

I looked into their hearts and saw the emptiness and the pain and sorrow they had endured, I saw the oppression put upon them by their Queen.

I saw their hunger for food, water and land.

I saw them multiply, build cities and towns.

I watched as they spread across the land like weeds consuming everything in their path.

I saw them enslave the Black man.

I saw them put up reservations for my Brothers and Sisters of Turtle Island.

I saw them wage wars on other countries, sacrificing millions of young warriors for the sake of the rich.

I watched as they walked in darkness, killing for the sake of killing.

I saw them walking in darkness, searching, looking and trying to grasp any knowledge about the Creator that came their way.

I saw the rich becoming poor and the poor becoming strong, walking in balance and harmony.

I saw the four races of people coming together to smoke the Sacred Pipe and dance around the Drum.

I looked into their hearts, I saw happiness, fulfillment and joy, remembering we were all related.

I saw my Father.

You can see a lot through the eyes of a warrior.