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Recently I have had the opportunity to relax with some of my hobbies a bit more. I thoroughly enjoy working with my hands and working with things of and from nature.

Woodworking is one of my favorites, but unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to spend on it. Here are some pieces I've done in the past couple of weeks (mid January 2001):

This was a spur of the moment piece done on a spare piece of wood. Just a simple medicine wheel with feathers, accompanied by a Kokapeli on either side.




This was something that came to me when I first got back into woodworking. I held off a while before starting it and used a shelf that I had on hand.

I chose the wolf totem because it is very dear to me, and decided to inlay it with a dream catcher with turquoise. Brother Wolf helps with strength, character, family and loyalty. The dream catcher snags the bad dreams in the web and filters the good through the feather in the center.



This is another shot of the totem dream catcher set alongside a canoe I am working on. I found this small piece of wood in the forest and it said, "Pick me up." So I did. I tried to carve a couple of things from it, but the wood wouldn't let me. It told me it wished to be a canoe... so here it is.



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