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Links related to this site, or which I found interesting:

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee: This site is that of the International Office. It contains the most up-to-date information on the proposed release of Leonard Peltier.

Red Earth Creations: An excellent shop for Native American crafts including, but not limited to: dream catchers, mandellas, jewelry, framed art, and much more. Located in Covington, Kentucky - just a couple of minutes from downtown Cincinnati. **SITE CLOSED WHEN FOUND TO BE A FAKE**

Native American Studies: This site has links to a variety of excellent websites from which to research Native American information.

Native Web: An excellent resource for Indigenous cultures around the world.

The Wolf Den: My friend's web page. He is working on a Native American section (beat ya! *grin*).

Lykins Web Design: My many thanks, without you, this site would not be possible. (Run by the same friend who has The Wolf Den)