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A list of various gatherings in the general vicinity near where I live (the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area):

Salt Creek Sundance: Typically held sometime in July. In 2000, it was from July 8 - 15. As I find more information on 2001, I will post it. Location: 6 miles North of Freetown, IN or 15 miles South of Nashville, IN - depending on which way you are coming. From highway 135, turn onto 1190 and follow the ribbons to Sundance Lake.

Simpsonville Pow Wow: At the Simpsonville, KY flea market. I need to look up the approximate dates again. [more to come]

Pow Wow/Salt Festival: Big Bone Lick State Park near Florence, Kentucky. Usually around the end of October. In 2000, this was the first time the Pow-Wow was added in the "Ponca style gathering." Typically runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Fort Ancient Pow Wow: Held at the Fort Ancient preservation site. These ancient earthworks are a beautiful setting for a gathering. I need to look up the dates.

General Butler State Park Pow Wow: Held -near- General Butler State Park in the Carrolton, KY area. Dates and directions to come. Beautiful landscape offered the excellent backdrop for a very peaceful gathering.