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Here are some books that I have enjoyed, found quite informative and interesting:

American Holocaust (the conquest of the new world) by David E. Stannard. Published by Oxford University Press, copyright 1992. ISBN 0-19-508557-4 (paperback). Description: This book delves deeply into the destruction of native (the people who were here) life in the Americas from the time of Colombus' "discovery" forward. There is much description of the cities and cultures that used to grace the lands before the invasions of the people from across the water. Be warned, though, there are many graphic descriptions of the attrocities and cruelties that were shown to the natives by the invaders.

Fools Crow by Thomas E. Mails. Published by University of Nebraska Press, copyright 1979. ISBN 0-8032-8174-9 (paperback). Description: Thomas E. Mails respectfully covers the life and some teachings of Fools Crow, ceremonial chief of the Teton Sioux. Mr. Mails admits in his writing that he purposefully holds back information that was told him, out of respect to Fools Crow, his culture, his religion, and his wishes. There are many interesting articles of information of history and culture in the pages of this wonderfully written book.

Fools Crow: Wisdom and Power by Thomas E. Mails. Published by Council Oak Books - Tulsa, copyright 1991. ISBN 0-933031-35-1 (paperback) . Description: Holding true to his promise to the Sioux Holy Man, Mr. Mails releases information of a more spiritual and personal nature only after Fools Crow's passing from this circle (in 1989 at the age of 99). A continuation of Fools Crow, this book gives more information on some of the prayer rituals, the proper ways of doing things, and a deeper look into Fools Crow.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse by Peter Matthiessen. Published by [I will post this information as soon as I retrieve the book I loaned a friend]. ISBN [ditto on the information] (paperback). Description: Finally after a long court battle to remain on the shelves, the other side of the story is told. From FBI coverups and falsified documents to blatant perjury, this book covers the events in the early 70's which lead to the illegal extradition and arrest of Leonard Peltier who to this day still remains in prison. Remains there, even after FBI agents testified under oath that they didn't know who did the shooting, that they did falsify documents, and that they had no evidence against Mr. Peltier.

[More to Come]