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I came upon my name in a somewhat interesting, yet ironic way. A couple of my friends took it upon themselves to decide that I was a bit stuck up and overly concerned about my looks. As a joke, they came up with the name "Strutting Peacock."

However, I didn't mind the joke, as I'm a fun loving person myself. I thought it was neat and actually pretty interesting. Then,when I started digging for information on peacocks, I found much more than I could have bargained for. (for more information, look at the link "symbology" to the left)

My sister, Breeze, decided to gift me with the name Strutting Peacock (for real, this time) as it is a good name. The name is actually an honorable one, and I am very flattered and honored to be named for such a magnificent animal.

At first, I decided to use the name as a reminder to myself to be humble, but Breeze reminded me that I -am- a proud person. I'm proud of who I am, what I am, and how I carry myself in my daily life. That is not a disgrace, nor is it bragging to be proud of yourself if it is done in an humble way.

I thank those who took part in creating my name (though it was in jest) and moreso, I thank the Creator for all my friends and family . . . my brothers and sisters of the four-legged, winged, swimming and crawling all included.

"Strut-ting" : v. [ME strouten, to stand out] A pompous, self-important gait.

"Pea-cock" : n. 1. The male peafowl, distinguished by its crested head, brilliant blue or green feathers, and long tail feathers that have eyelike, iridescent spots and can be spread in a fanlike form. 2. A vain person given to self display.