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I Pray For My Mother

My mother suffers from a myriad of illnesses. Each day she weakens more and more, her life drawing closer to an end. I know her time draws nearer but feel there is little I can do. She may have a chance with the help of many, but that seems almost impossible to coordinate.

Cancerous legions cover her body. They spread rapidly, new fibers reaching out each day to spring new growth. Lacerations filled with bacteria have split her skin, the toxins of the disease spreading throughout her body. The infection has become so bad that the stench of disease can be smelled. More and more of her hair falls out daily, large balding spots easily seen. Her breathing is labored, the air in her lungs affected by the toxins which bacteria release. She shakes and trembles from the weakness and the burden of her illness.

Her symptoms are hard to treat. The source of the disease and infection is strong. If help is not found soon, she will die. She is weak. She is dying. When she dies, we all will die.

I speak of our Mother Earth, whom the People-That-Were-Here-First communed with daily and lived with in balanced harmony. It is time to bring back the old traditions and old ways. Those who were not from Turtle Island never learned to live in balance and harmony, but thrived on greed and self-indulgence.

As they spread, they infected many. Now in these times, many of us have fallen into the self-serving ways without a care of our Mother or those others about us who are also her children.

Now is the time to bring back the ways of old, the ways of balance, the ways which helped us live as one with our Mother - worshiping our Father, the Creator, and all he provided as our Mother nourished us.

If nothing is done NOW, she will die a horrible death, and we will all die with her, for she is our sustenance, our life.

*** Clear cutting must stop.

*** "Progress" - the exponential growth of towns and cities must stop.

*** Cars must emit less toxins or not be used (think of public or alternative transportation).

*** People need to take more time to know nature, instead of burying themselves in work and activities to the point that they can't see what goes on about them.

*** Children must be taught how to care for the earth - taken to a forest, park, or whatever is nearby so they can learn there is more to life than a city.

*** Parents need to think back on their childhood, or that of their parents or grandparents and renew the things that used to be done to care for our Mother Earth.

*** Balance must be restored before it is too late.

Perhaps it is already too late. I pray not.

I hear our Mother cry each day. She is in pain and is dying. I pray for her. I cry for her.

Strutting Peacock