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*If you are a hard core American who does not like to hear someone put down the U.S. then do not read this article.*

On Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy: 1. The practice of expressing feelings, beliefs, or virtues one does not hold or possess. 2. The act or instance of hypocrisy.

Hypocrite: One given to hypocrisy or dissemblance.

Hypocritical: 1. Marked by hypocrisy. 2. Being a hypocrite.

Dissemblance: 1. To hide or disguise the real nature of, as feelings or motives. 2. To make a pretense of: feign.

As we can see, the Webster's II New Riverside University Dictionary has a problem with one of the basics that I was taught in high school English classes. "Do not use the word you are defining in the definition." Even the definition of the word itself is hypocritical in the essence that it is trying not to express its true meaning and usage.

Let me see if an example would best suit the meaning of 'hypocrisy,' 'hypocrite,' and its various other forms. The United States of America is one of the biggest hypocrites in the world today. Yes, I think that sums it up nicely. Oh, wait. You don't understand? Please, allow me to elaborate.

People from the 'old world' came and "discovered" the 'new world' which they 'found' (or more correctly, stumbled across when Christopher Columbus became lost). They infiltrated an already populated area, acknowledging that they met native people who lived here.

Because we didn't wear clothes like them and speak English, we were savages. Because we didn't pray in churches and worship in the same manner, we were heathens and pagans. Because we were different, we were less.. nothing.

Our people of Turtle Island lived in harmony with our Mother, the Earth, and kept peace between us and all life around us. We gave thanks for what we had and took great joy in living as part of Nature.

We were pushed off of the areas where our ancestors before us lived. Our homes, burial grounds and sacred places were disregarded and trespassed upon. We did find it strange that they wanted to 'buy' or 'trade' for ownership of the Mother who feeds us and fills our needs for survival. It's an absurd idea.

In some instances, we even helped them to not starve and freeze to death during the winters which they were unprepared for. Our thanks? Murder, plagues, more pushing and moving. We watched our Mother become infested with a virus which spread more rapidly than we could ever imagine: another race of humans.

This.. was the beginning of the all powerful, wonderful, land of the free, United States of America. Through much blood, war, sickness and pain we endured. We were corralled onto small plots of land which were thought to be nothing but arid desert wastelands. Then, as the government found out that there was gold, oil, uranium, and all other sordid "valuables" on that wasteland we were restricted to, they moved us again when they could.

A monumental carving was chiseled in the cliff facing of our sacred mountains in the Black Hills. It was littered with depictions of some 'honorable' men such as 'Teddy' Roosevelt and George Washington - two of the most avid Indian fighters around who took great pride in killing as many of us as they could. This was intended to add insult to injury, knowing that such a feat would draw many outsiders to our lands.

You ask how the United States of America is hypocritical though. I haven't explained that part yet, have I? The previous section is necessary to lay the background and show how the hypocrisy raises its head.

Most any day you can hear people in various areas throughout the U.S. complain about "immigrants coming and stealing our jobs." There are several places that are putting legislation into action to try to prevent more people from coming in. The news shows scenes from Texas on many days - people shooting at Mexicans coming to cross the border. Excuse me! Who are the -real- immigrants here? Who was here first? Ah, now you're starting to see.

Then such conflicts as Vietnam, and Bosnia are but two examples. What does this have to do with hypocrisy? When the United States sends troops over into another land and threatens the two neighbors in such a manner as this: "You two must not invade one another. If you try to, we will bomb you." Who is the United States to tell someone not to invade another nation of peoples?

Any time a Native American gets upset over the past, the 'whites' (meant solely by attitude, not being judgmental by skin coloration) are the first to say, "Let it go, it's over and done with. It happened." But then who are the first to jump in and say, "We can't let that country take over another one" ??

Those are only a few of the prime examples of how the United States of America is one of the biggest hypocrites in the world today. The U.S. will do anything in its power to cover the past and lay a nice pretty layer of gloss and glamour over the events to paint a prettier picture of the past. Kids are the most likely to buy into pretty pictures. That is why the school children are taught that everything worked out nice and easy, the way it was supposed to.

The children are not taught that Native Americans are still being killed in present day times, even by government agencies and action groups. They are not taught that their great- great- grandfathers (and some much closer to those of you who are older) stole land, murdered a race of people for it, then proceeded to kill off anyone who contradicted their claim to the land which they 'rightfully owned.'

People today need to wakeup and take off the blinders. They are glossed over by a thin veil of truth undercoated with a thick layer of lies that the government puts out to the general public. Being like sheep, the general public buys it without even questioning it. It's a convenience. It's too painful to stop and think that maybe you are standing on the spot where a family was massacred - tortured and burned to death - over a small place to build a house.

The news aids the government in these actions. They only report the items which will get sensationalism from the general public. Recently on television there was coverage of the FBI march against President Clinton debating the release of Leonard Peltier. Did the news stations show the public the fact that just a few yards away was a large group of Native Americans holding a quiet, peaceful gathering in support for his release? Not on any of the stations in the area where I live.

Don't accept what the government and news hands you so readily. They are very aware that as the book leaves their grasp and reaches your hands, that you will only glance at the cover for the title.. then never read it. They are counting on that. If not, they would have to be much more careful about what they do because the people would be holding them accountable for their actions.

You must learn to read between the lines. You must look beyond the surface of what is given to you. You must wake up to the reality that this country was founded on murder and thievery, and realize.. if they would do that to get the land from an entire nation, that they will have no qualms about telling the general public a few glossy lies to cover their tracks.

* By Strutting Peacock, January 8, 2001.